HYSDO strives to create well-rounded athletes by developing skills that complement their aspirations.

Being a professional surfer today goes beyond competitive prowess. HYSDO’s free Junior Development Days are designed to help prepare Hawaii’s junior athletes (under age 18) for all aspects of a professional surfing career, from preventing injuries and securing sponsors to acing interviews and social media.

Each Junior Development Day is split into individual workshops focused on specific topics or skills. Workshops are led by top professional athletes and industry leaders, sharing insights gained from years of experience. We also invite athlete families and coaches to attend, as we understand the importance of strengthening support networks, especially at the junior level.

Past Junior Development Day workshops have included:

  • Social media skills
  • Injury prevention
  • Tour preparation
  • Sports psychology
  • Judging and priority system insights
  • Media interview training
  • Free CPR certification
  • Financial planning

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