HYSDO provides mentorship programs for students and youth looking to gain meaningful experience through hands-on education and applied learning.

The global surf industry offers many career paths beyond athleticism: Marketing, finance, administration, event planning, retail, the creative arts, and much more. Each surf competition is also supported by a wide range of roles, from security, construction/engineering, and water safety to broadcast, media, and IT.

HYSDO currently partners with Farrington High School (FHS) to expose more students to surfing-related careers through mentorship and practical training.

As Oahu’s largest high school and a Title I school, FHS emphasizes education that extends beyond the classroom and into the real world. Many FHS students are from low-income families and unable to afford college. Through the FHS Career and Training Education (CTE) academies program, students learn how to apply academic and technical skills to future careers or postsecondary education.

Working with FHS CTE academy leaders, we customize an annual curriculum to build both hard and soft skills that students can apply across any industry career, including surfing. Now in its second year, the HYSDO/FHS partnership has already seen Sports Business Academy students produce a school-wide assembly in tribute to WSL World Champion Carissa Moore and FHS alumnus Ben Aipa; and, tour behind-the-scenes operations at the Volcom Pipe Pro.

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